I guess I have my dad to thank for my interest in all things aviation.  My earliest memory of an airshow is being stuck in a queue of traffic at a show at RAF St. Mawgan in Cornwall in what would have been the very early 1980’s.  We took trips to Birmingham Airport en route to visiting grandparents in the city on occasional friday evenings and I also remember going to Heathrow to see Concorde; I recall being amazed seeing it cross over the road!

In addition to this, we always visited airshows at Mildenhall and Fairford on alternate years until the International Air Tattoo became a permanent fixture at Fairford from 1993.  And yes, I was there for that MiG crash!  Another great memory that will stay with me forever is sitting in a farmer’s field at the end of the runway at Cosford watching the Vulcan head straight towards you!  Of course, a far cry away from the type of shows we witness these days.

I’m very grateful for those halcyon days of airshows which reached a peak in the 1990’s following the breakdown of the Iron Curtain.  There was plenty more metal around from air arms all over the world than there is nowadays and indeed, modern shows, although still monumental are nothing compared to what I witnessed when I was a youngster.

I still visit a number of shows and events throughout the year as well as visiting the now infamous Mach Loop in North Wales on occasion.  Sadly, the days of the loop are numbered with bans and dwindling numbers of airframes but again, I was glad to witness iconic aircraft including the Harrier, Jaguar, Dominie, Andover and Tornado in 20 years of visiting the area.  In 2017 I became a staff member of UK Airshow Review which has allowed me to combine my enthusiasm for aviation with photography and journalism.  Our team write and report on events across the airshow and aviation world, gaining unrivalled access and providing balanced and unbiased reviews.  For further information, pop on over to www.airshows.co.uk and see what’s new.

Below are my aviation galleries from numerous events, photoshoots and airshows over the years

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