I ♥ our dogs

Dogs are so much entertainment!  I should know, we have FOUR in our house!  People ask how we cope with having so many but they are no trouble at all.  We’ve got Ginny and Lulu, the whippet-crosses; Rupert, on foster from Greyhound Gap rescue who is a Lurcher cross; and Frankie, also known as ‘Disabled Dennis’, who we have adopted from Bark Inn Kennels near Walsall.  They also like to curl up so don’t take up much room at all!

Over the years, we’ve been on days out, on holidays and of course, various walks to lots of nice places.  It’s not very often that I take the camera with me however if I know we’re going to a special place – for example, Sutton Park – I know that they’re going to have fun splashing about in the water, and that makes for such great photography.  It is so nice to see them having such fun.  That is until Lulu has one of her ‘moments’ and starts doing the zoomies around the pool. . . .

Sadly, Toula, our beloved black labrador passed away on 4th January 2019 – yes, we did have FIVE in the house(!) – and she has certainly left her mark on us.  Despite still having four dogs, the house is so quiet and the carpets aren’t so black.  No more snoring, twitching and heavy breathing at night and no more worring about where you step when you get up in the night…..she has taught the others to bark when someone’s at the door though……thanks Toula!

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