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The day is about having fun and creating ever-lasting memories of you and your dog. The following questions below should help you get an understanding of how a shoot works and answer any questions you may have. If you have a query that isn’t on the list, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Shoots are usually held in open spaces such as local parks, woodlands and even at the coast.  I have several favoured venues based on the type of dog but depending on your own actual location, I will have a look and see what is suitable.  Of course, if you would like to suggest a location of your own choice, I’m more than happy to accommodate that

Shoots will take between one to two hours to complete, depending on factors such as location, weather and how energetic your dog is

In short – yes!  While I want to get images that will show your dog as natural as possible, I’ll need your help to assist me setting up shots. Whether that’s throwing toys or offering treats, or even holding your dog out of shot, your dog knows you and you know your dog so you’ll be fully involved all the way.  It may be worthwhile bringing someone else to help out, even if it’s to hold a lead while you bribe with treats! Don’t worry if your dog isn’t that obedient to commands as it can take a split-second to get a great image

There are a few things that you’ll need to consider for the shoot.

  1. You’ll be involved with helping set up shots; Family and friends are more than welcome to come along to help. 
  2. Depending on the weather and what type of shots you want, prepare to get messy and muddy so wear suitable clothing.  It’s not been unknown for me to be in the middle of a pool in wellies! 
  3. It’s ideal that you don’t exhaust your dog pre-shoot too as we really want to capture their natural energy and enthusiasm
  4. Bring some favourite toys and treats and if you would like to,  any props!
  5. If you’re not confident or are unable to take your dog off lead that’s not a problem.  We’ll set up shots to accommodate that and I can also edit images accordingly afterwards, removing leads etc.

As well as the photoshoot itself, take some time to consider how you want to cherish your memories afterwards. I can provide images on a variety of formats including prints (small and large-format), framed prints, canvas and board art, photobooks and digital files, even keyrings and coasters!  We’ll discuss all of these pre-shoot so you’ll have plenty of time to think and we can tailor the shoot accordingly

Of course!  Please feel free to bring family members as, after all, your dog is a part of your family and you are their family too. If there are any specific shots you’d like to get then do let me know beforehand

The shoot is all about capturing the spirit and character of your dog. You will know best how your dog behaves and reacts. To capture the ultimate essence of your dog I take a range of images including:

  • Portraits – carefully composed and candid shots of head and body shots from a number of locations and distances, often utilising depth of field for maximum impact
  • Action – choreographed shots of your dog running, playing and having fun
  • Wet-knee – getting on the floor to see the world from your dog’s point of view, utilising a wide-angle lens for effect
  • The details – feet, tail and eyes; your dog may have its own unique characteristic that you want to capture

It really depends on the weather and time of year.  If it’s sunny then either early afternoon or late-evening are ideal times.  The “golden hour” before sunset can make for some amazing and extraordinary shots. If it’s overcast or cloudy, then mid-morning to afternoon is ideal. Depending on the forecast, I can also shoot early morning if required. Shoots can take place on any day in the week so it’s entirely down to you.  And the weather!

Ah, the great British weather – predictably unpredicatable.  But it doesn’t matter if it’s wet or dry, sunny or cloudy, I have equipment to shoot in all sorts of conditions so do come prepared for whatever may be thrown at us.  Wellies, boots, umbrellas and towels will obviously be required if it’s raining and if it’s hot, plenty of water and shade – dress accordingly!  However, if it’s really raining, then it’s advisable to postpone to another time as getting soaked to the skin isn’t going to be fun for any of us. If this is the case the shoot can be rearranged at no extra cost.  I’ll keep an eye on the forecast and it may be that a day either side of a planned shoot may be better than the chosen day itself, so please be flexible where you can.  Every season brings it’s own attraction too so it’s worth considering what kind of shots you’d like – you can’t get a dog jumping through a field of long grass in the winter!

If your dog is nearing the end of it’s time with us, I’ll do everything I can to capture those valuable memories for you. If you want a session to remember your pet by then do let me know as you will receive priority booking. It’s hard to say goodbye so the session will be catered towards celebrating your pet and doing everything that makes them happy. If you would like further information on support available at this time then do contact me

I’ll go through all the shots taken and edit them as necessary, producing a selection of the very best images of the day. As it takes some time to carefully process images, please allow between 1-2 weeks before they appear online. Once all images are ready you’ll be provided with the details of your own personal, password-protected client login so you can view the images from the comfort of your own home

As well as my time, talent and dedication, there is no limit to the number of images I’ll process and edit for you. As well as your own online gallery, you’ll also receive a complimentary 10×8″ folio box containing five specially-selected mounted prints. A selection of low resolution images with a discreet watermark, ideal for sharing on phones and for social media is also provided

There is absolutely no obligation to buy anything at all anything at all.  If you are unsure what to purchase, I’m more than happy to assist you in choosing the best way to present your images.  Formats include prints (standard, fine art, canvas, mounted and framed), print montages, albums and photobooks as well as high resolution digital files.  If you have anything specific in mind, I’m more than happy to discuss

Just give me a call and we can rearrange at a time suitable to you

Yes I do!  Depending on the animal, equipment, time and shoot cost will vary.  Please contact me for further details

Gift vouchers will last for 12 months from date of issue. The expiry date will be shown on the voucher

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